Thursday, September 04, 2008

Word of Mouth Interview and Face Update

Howdy folks! The saga of my face continues, I am now starting to bruise fact I have bruises on my stomach and on my breasts (which I will not take photos of for you-although it looks cool), my eye is trying not to totally swell....and I still just hurt EVERYWHERE. I have this headache that is completely resistant to all forms of medication.

Lesson of this story....don't fall.

Also today I did my regular segment for New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth program. I wasn't nervous at all today...but that was probably because my head hurts so badly. Got to talk about Voices Without Votes today, I could have promoted it better...oh well...

And because I have had requests for more is what I looked like today while giving my interview:
Ain't I pretty?


Libby said...

Actually, you look quite sultry in this photo.

Delal said...

Wow, and I wasn't even going for that!