Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Legally Single

Apparently I was under the impression that the court system would send you notice when something is finalized. But they don't. I called them today to find out the status of the divorce---secretly fearing that something had held it up and that was why I hadn't gotten notice. Nope. Its been signed, on November 4th.

Did you get that?

The divorce is final.

I'm legally single.

And I have been for an entire week.

Fucking A.


Libby said...


Jenyx26 said...

yay! I'm so glad it went through without any hold ups. You must be happy that it is all said and done.

Mine was final on the 14th of October. Now to get my name changed on stuff and move on with my life.

Selene Verri said...

Well, how do you say in these cases? Congratulations? ;-)

Kerrith Black said...