Friday, December 26, 2008

One more "anniversary" date left

In my recovery from the saga that was Mr.3, I have had a series of various anniversaries that I have emotionally tried to survive. So far, once I have come close to hitting one of those dates I worry that I will be an emotional wreck that day and then later find out that it didn't effect me like I was expecting it too. Yesterday, Christmas day, marked the one year anniversary of my last speaking to Mr.3. On this date last year, he called me at about 9:30 in the morning, told me that he had been released from his VA treatment program and that he would call me again once he got to the house. He never called. Needless to say last Christmas sucked ass..... In fact, if you want to itemize the bad things that Mr.3 has done, that probably tops the list as the most emotionally evil thing to do.
And I didn't even think about him yesterday. It was a relaxing and enjoyable day. There is only one more anniversary date left, that of finding out the truth....and I am pretty sure that day will pass just as quietly as the others.
Looking into the future, I am not going to set out any resolutions, but I am going to look at and re-evaluate my 5 year goal is to be more specific with it than in the past.
Happy Boxing Day everyone!

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Kathy101110 said...

Hey girl. I think you should celebrate Jan. 5th! I won't (because it's not about me), but you should look at it as Day 0 for when you started a new and better life.


PS. Please promise me you won't date separated men again. They, for the most part, turn out to not be worth the risk and an emotional vampires.

PSS. Almost sent you and J a Christmas card, but I haven't gotten my act together.