Monday, February 02, 2009

And then there was one.... lone little toothbrush in the toothbrush caddy that I was too lazy to take a photo of for the blog. Why is there only one? Because my little brother has moved out and up in the world...literally... to the apartment upstairs.
So he really isn't that far away and I now have my apartment all to myself. I've lived here alone before in-between times of Mr.3 skipping town....but at that time the house was kept in a manner where things were preserved as he would like longer! Now all decorating decisions are officially mine! Muuahaahaahaahaa!
And the dishes that are dirtied are all mine!
And the messes in the house are all mine!
And any strange smells in the house are all mine!
Hooray! For going to the bathroom with the door open all the time!!!! Whoopie!!


Stephanie said...

well if you get bored let me know and we can hang out :) good luck

Libby said...

Now you won't even need to loan out your vacumm :)

jimmydillhead said...

and that is becz libby rocks like that!