Monday, March 23, 2009

Comps Saga- Part 3

Well its happened..... I had the freak out. The crying, shaking, completely and totally irrational kind of freak out.

I actually had a panic attack over comps during work. I haven't finished them, and I haven't written enough, but I also have time. They aren't due until Thursday at 5pm.....I have time....and I have to keep reminding myself that.

You would think that I would understand how I work best....and I wonder if it is really true that I work best late at night and under an impending deadline. Today, I was focusing on writing my comps from 12:30 pm onwards and I have very very little to show for it. It is like my brain melted and I must have stared at the screen for hours. Luckily Libby came over for a while to help me calm down. I also took a long hot bath and drank a very large glass of wine. The result is that I am much more calm, but still as mushy brained. I'm considering just turning in at 9:30 tonight, in the hopes that tomorrow I will feel better and will be able to think.

Here's hoping....


Libby said...

Good luck :)

Ann said...

You can do it! I hated comps, but when they are over, it is awesome!