Thursday, April 30, 2009


Since my parents moved from Price I've had the family piano in the front room of my apartment. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture that pretty much just collects dust because I can't play the thing worth as damn.


I finally got my act together and called a teacher. I hope to begin lessons on May 11th (after payday--how sad is that, that I have to wait for a payday for a $20 piano lesson).

Here's to learning how to play piano with two hands at the same time! Whoo! Only took me like 17 years to get back to taking lessons....may I have more patience this time with it.

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Christen said...

not at all sad that you have to wait for pay-day for money for a lesson...these days, most of us are there. :) i also took lessons as a child and would love to get back into playing the piano! my dilemma is money as well. good luck on your rekindling. :)