Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Rid of the Rest of the Books

Can you tell what these are?
These stacks of 60 odd books, 67 to be exact, are all books of Mr. 3's that I am going to be getting rid of.

I originally kept them because they represented a sizable amount of money that I spent buying them for him, and I also had some wild and crazy idea about writing a book on terrorism for parents and teachers. Honestly, I know that these are books that I will never read. I also don't want to try to sell them...that takes time and energy that I do not have. I don't need to have any more negativity from these books hanging around in my house.

So over the next day or so I am going to put them in the hallway by the MEC with a sign that says "Free, Please Take".

In honor of this latest cleansing, here are the titles of what I am giving away: Mirage- Power, Politics, and the Hidden History of Arabian Oil; Twilight in the Desert; Infiltration; The Eve of Destruction; Islam and Terrorism; Politics in the Middle East; Nation and Religion in the Middle East; Desecularism of the World; Religion and State; The Political Language of Islam; Through Our Enemies Eyes; Troubled Waters; The West at War; Disinformation; The Two Faces of Islam; Hamas; No God but God; An Anatomy of Terror; New Glory; The Osama Bin Laden I Know; Uncharted Journey; Over a Barrel; The West's Last Chance; The Palestinian Right to Return; Atomic Iran; A History of Islamic Societies; The War for Palestine; The Sword of the Prophet; The Shahids; Unholy War; God's Rule; The Story of Political Philosophies; Profiles in Terror; The Military Balance in the Middle East; Countdown to Crisis; Holiest Wars; The Muqaddinah; Why I am Not a Muslim; The Future of Political Islam; Airbourne Carpet; American Political Thought; Islam and Revolution in the Middle East; Seven Theories of Religion; European Union; Guadalcanal; Battle of the Reichswald; Rouge States and Nuclear Powers; Runaway World; Voices of Terror; the History of Jihad; War and Destiny; An Autumn of War; Unholy Alliance; Warrant of Terror; Modern Tyrants; Peace is Possible; The Road to Martyr's Square; the Myth of Islamic Tolerance; Information Assurance; Ideas and Foreign Policy; The Emerging European Union; The Government and Politics of the European Union; The Formative Period of Islamic Thought; Bringing Religion into International Relations; Journey of the Jihadist; Islam; Islamic Imperialism; and Between War and Peace.....phew! It is a long list! And probably represents close to $1000 in books.

So come one and come all....help yourself to a pile of books in the basement of OSH!


redhead said...

*finally!* I sold 1/2 his books and made $1300 for legal fees. Then Nikki picked up the rest for the FBI (about 100 books).

It felt great to finally have them out of here.

Now, I just have two suitcases to get rid of, but I can't stand going in that room.

Hope it gives you a sense of piece.

redhead said...

I meant "peace." Jeesh, need more coffee.

Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog with great interest. I am so sorry for what you have been through.

I wanted to let you know that the pictures on the blog you created specifically about him aren't showing up. That blog is how I ended up on your personal blog. I searched for an email address for you, but can't seem to find one.

You should know he has a long history of being a con man...don't beat yourself up so much...it's him, not you.

Anonymous said...

The blog you made that reads like a wanted poster is a brilliant idea. It takes guts to put yourself out there and your story for others to read, and with any luck it might save somebody else from the same fate. If you would be willing to enable that blog to accept anonymous posts it could be a gold mine of opportunity for various agencies to locate him and even for other people to corroborate stories. I know for me, though my story is interesting I will never publicly post it...of course history can never be erased, it is always a part of who we are, but with time it becomes just that - history.
Occasionally somebody doing a bit of detective work will backtrack and contact me. That is usually when I will do a google search just to see if there is anything new - though of course I'm sure anyone looking for him has already done the same. Luckily those contacts are becoming fewer and fewer, because I just don't have any information for them. Your blog though would be a great place to direct any future inquiries...maybe if it allowed anonymous posts people would feel free to leave information that might be helpful.

Anonymous said...

yes, both of those anonymous posts are from one person...I just thought of more to say after the first post!

Delal said...

Thanks for posting Anon. The wanted blog was the idea of one of the other victims I have met. We weren't sure of the legal repercussions of the blog site...so when the pictures decided to not work, we never got back to fixing them.
Please feel free to email me at deborah.ann.dilley@gmail.com
It sounds like you have a story to tell as well. Honestly, I'm starting to think that all of us need to get together and start a bowling league.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.
I wanted to let you and anyone else reading this blog know that I only googled his name because something came up that made me curious about his whereabouts. I was surprised when the search turned up your blog. Though my story is interesting and sad in its own way, it more establishes a pattern of behavior than anything to add to your wanted poster page, or to be of any help to you as you work to bring him to justice. I also have other people to consider and so I would like to remain anonymous at this time. I would like to ask, if during your research you identify names from his past to please not publish them on your blog or in your writings. Thanks.
I don’t know how you feel, but I know I struggled for a long time with wondering how I could have so loved somebody who turned out this way…finally I realized that the man I had loved simply did not exist…he was a lie. I don’t know if that helps you or not, but I know it helped me.
I'm sure you have already come to this conclusion, but just to continue to make the point, believe little of what he has said. Including the PTSD – in my opinion, his behavior has a history that goes back too far for PTSD to be the explanation. I DO believe, however, that sometimes he buys into his own lies so thoroughly that he could possibly convince himself that they are real and true.
I also noticed that on your wanted blog, you list Michael Carnley as an alias. He has a little brother named Mike, who always seemed like a nice person. I just wanted to make sure you know it is his brother's name, I would hate to see him implicated if he is innocent.
Good luck with your quest for justice. I’ll follow your blog and if you have any questions you think I can help with please post them and I’ll try to answer them, or maybe somebody else reading in silence will step forward and help you out.