Friday, March 05, 2010

My Dead Sexy Song List

Alright, so this is totally random and frivolous bit of blogging (of course, there are some who would believe that all blogging fits into that category). I recently went on a Pink Floyd kick and have found that there are a couple songs that I can only describe as dead sexy. So I decided to compile my top ten list of songs that I would classify under this category.

I should probably offer an explanation of what would qualify. These are not seduction songs, nor are they songs that you listen to obsess over someone that you are infatuated with. There must be the right balance of bass/drums and or guitar. For a song to qualify it must relax the body and make you feel sensual....not sensual in the "let's get in on" way but like when a breeze brushes gently across your skin and all of your nerves become electrified. Also these songs are taken separately from the album that they are taken from. I will admit that there are albums that would fit into this category: the Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, just about any Massive Attack album, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Fever to Tell, and even though I have issues with the book and movie, the soundtrack to Twilight totally fits this category.

So, now I present to you my top-ten list:

10. Pretty When You Cry by VAST- Although I just watched the video for this one, and it wins points for total creepy factor.
9. Painted on my Heart by The Cult
8. Angel by Gavin Friday
7. Follow You Down by Alejandro Escovedo (sorry, couldn't find a link)
6. Guarded By Monkeys by Cracker
5. It's Late by Queen
4. Gulumse Kaderine by Tarkan---but it has to be the Murat Matthew Erdem Remix
3. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
2. Win by David Bowie

and the number one is....

1. Keskin Bicak by Sezan Aksu

Sezen Aksu - Keskin Bicak

Wanna share your list?


Fred said...

These are songs that I feel fit the catagory in ni particular order:

Feeling Good - Michael Buble
Nocturne - Secret Garden
Another Sad Love Song - Toni Braxton
Soldier of Love - Sade
Magie May - Rod Stewart
Major Tom - Shiny Toy Guns
Baby I'm a Fool - Melody Gardot
Single Ladies - Beyonce
Is that all there is - Peggy Lee
Turn Back Time - Aqua

~Niki said...

Ok I can't do these in order because I'd agonize over which goes where - so here we go:

Stolen Car - Sting (from Sacred Love)
Save a Prayer - Duran Duran (from Rio)
Undisclosed Desires - Muse (from Uprising)
The Metro - Berlin (can't remember the album)
Closing In - Imogene Heap (from Speak for Yourself - her voice is just idyllic)
Subculture - New Order (from Substance)
Such a Shame - Talk Talk (don't remember which album it was originally on)
The Furthest Star - VNV Nation (from Judgement)
2112 - Rush (album of same name)

This could EASILY be a top 100 songs!! You should have more of these types of blogs!!!!! :D