Monday, July 12, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity?

It kinda annoys me that you can send a message to someone on Facebook if they aren't your friend. Today I got a message from someone that I have never heard from or seen before. This is what the message said:

It is quite a nice pleasure meeting you,i looked at your picture and i was caught by beauty of your eyes,that really told me the calmness of your heart which i consider as the real beauty in a woman,that is the beauty of the heart.i would wish to know more about you and may be we get more closer,my name is xxxxx.I live in Jacksonville,Florida.Have a lovely day as i hope to hear from you.

Oh....what a lovely message. He was caught by the beauty of my eyes and the calmness of my heart.
There are several reasons why I think that his gentleman might be confused. One, I have never been to Jacksonville Florida. Two, I do look at grammar and punctuation in people that I choose to date or flirt online with. And three, and perhaps the best reasoning for his message to be a case of mistaken identity.... this has been my profile picture for over a month now.
I think that it screams calmness and beauty, don't you?


Xena said...

lol. you can change your privacy settings so random peopel wont see your profile.

Anonymous said...

fucking hilarious!