Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm An Ancient Fertility Goddess!

Last year, Libby and I walked (because I did little running that day) in the Pride Festival 5K. We came in last, dead last. You can see the results online - which I looked up today. You can also see pictures of us walking in. And while I am not normally a photogenic person....this one is pretty bad. And yes, I am about to make fun of isn't because I have low self-esteem, it is because I have a good sense of humor.
Here is a photo of me looking HUGE:

Know what it looks like?


The Venus of Willendorf, baby. I see this as even further proof that you should all worship me. Worship Me!!!


Anonymous said...

we are not worthy. we are not worthy!
(but yet we do worship you!)

Ali SARIARSLAN said...

Where do you turkish delight?

~Niki said...

...or a renaissance princess...or one of Michaelangelo's statues.

Skinny women have only been a fad since the 60's. It's all Twiggy's fault.

Curvy girls are the standard among women. They still sell more of our sizes to the masses because we out vote, out rule, and outmass the other sizes and have for years.

So screw that you came in last. You made it. You improved yourself. That is one of the few profound points of life, and don't you forget it :D