Saturday, October 01, 2011

Greetings from the middle of nowhere

Thanks to finally finding the wireless passcode and my pretty new iPhone- I'm now able to blog. Which I would rather do that the suggested "journalling".

So where am I? I'm at a yoga retreat that is five miles outside of a small town that you've never heard of, that is twenty-five miles outside of another town that you've probably never heard of, that is a hundred plus miles from my home base. This retreat is part of my yoga teacher training. While I was expecting it to kick my ass physically- I was not expecting the emotional ass kicking that I also received. The emotional stuff was more than "let's discuss and cry about how much we love everyone" (which there is plenty happening of- believe me) was more of a case of not knowing why you are crying and desperately trying to stop crying... But instead you just end up crying so hard you're snorting on the group hike you took after the power yoga class you just had in which you just curled into child's pose and cried throughout. Yeah... It has been a very weird couple of days.

I have discovered that there is a difference between feeling sore and resistance in your body and feeling pain. I've also discovered that you can get very creative in poses if you are trying to avoid re-injuring yourself.

Here are some other things that I have learned-
1. I'm an overly aggressive ping pong player.
2. The world is still pretty small as I met two (count them two) other people here who went to the same elementary, middle, and high school with.
3. I thought that I was the only non-Mormon here but I'm not. There were a bunch of people who were hiding and trying to seem like they were so they could fit in.
4. While we had a co-ed wing of the lodge- I'm the only girl who is actually in a co-ed room. And it's lovely. No strange girly lotion smells and thankfully no glitter toenail painting parties.
5. Partner yoga is a reward in itself and you learn more about your interactions with others and how you approach relationships because of it.

I'm sure that I'll have more insights after I get home tomorrow. I definitely will have more to offer in the discussion at work about what the word "retreat" really entails. Corena- the owner of the studio- said that "vacations were for falling asleep and retreats are for waking up." it's so very true.

Oh! And bunk beds suck no matter what you're age.

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