Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am ill not sick

One of the weird carryovers I have from my time in Turkey is that we are supposed to say that we are "ill" when we aren't feeling well rather than "sick". Why? Because the word "sick" in English sounds exactly like the word "fuck" in Turkish. Which also makes using the phrase "sick fuck" entirely redundant, but I digress...

In any case, whether you call it sick or ill, that's what I've been the past two to three days. It started with a cough late Tuesday night and started to morph from there on. I had tickets to the opera on Wednesday evening and was exceedingly glad that they had coughdrops at the concession stand.

I actually stayed home from work Thursday and Friday, which was annoying, but if I have saved my co-workers from this fate, the boredom that comes from being sick might be worth it. I am not sure if this is a change of season cold or a version of the weird haunted house flu given to me by Jimmy. In any case, the symptoms keep changing as it progresses. At first it was an upset stomach with my ears hurting, then it moved to a cough and sore throat, then it moved into head congestion, swollen glands, and the ever unpredictable post-nasal drip. The body is amazing though. I could actually feel it churning away trying to beat this. About an hour ago my fever broke. I wasn't really aware that I had a fever- but my body felt that it was necessary to wake me up to celebrate this momentous occasion. So I woke up feeling much better and drenched in sweat... But now I'm awake and can't seem to get back to sleep which is why I'm blogging on my iPhone at four in the morning.

Of course feeling better doesn't mean that I am fully well. My sinuses and glands still ache but aren't swollen anymore and I have a productive cough now. Actually I think my body woke me up after the fever broke so that I could take some more cold medicine for this post-fever hangover I've got. I will say this though- I do feel well enough to leave the house today- hopefully I'll still feel the same way after I get some more sleep this morning.

Here's to hoping.

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