Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Want the Hour-Glass Back

One of the obnoxious things about blogging for as long as I have is that things in which you couldn't wait to blog/rant/obsess about online are no longer ok to write about. In the back of my mind I'm always thinking "my Dad might read this" or "what if so-and-so figures out that (insert nickname here) is them" or "but I automatically have it set that my posts show up on Twitter and then therefore on Facebook, everyone will see this". Oh! The heavy weight of adulthood. And there is no way that I am going to start some other password protected blog in which I put all the personal stuff.....cause that is just silly. Silly! I tell you! So, for the moment I will skip telling you how badly I am at trying to date a particular person....and how much of a goober I am over the entire situation.

But I guess that I can tell you that I am desperately trying to figure out how to do Boat pose. Here's a cute little stick figure of it:

It is supposed to activate the lowest layer of my abdominal muscles....which sadly have not been able to work the same as they used to before my gallbladder surgery. I went from having a nice little hour glass/pear shape thing happening to being very apple-like. I have no problem being big, but at least let me keep the fruit-like shape I want! Whenever I try this pose I invariably fall backwards or somehow pull my hip flexor. Last weekend in yoga teacher training we were working on this pose and I was trying to figure out different modifications for it. I discovered that if I used a strap it was very helpful....but it also resulted in me saying something that could only be overheard in a yoga workshop and be benign, and be dirty everywhere else:

"Wow! I normally have a problem keeping my legs closed, but strapping my knees together really helps!"

Once I get this pose to work I'll post a photo of it on this here blog. In the meantime, I leave you with a photo of a statuette that I found and now want badly...and if anyone wants to buy me an expensive gift....

Isn't she cute! It's so me!

I should be done with my yoga teacher training program in June, but I need to start teaching classes towards the end of April-May-ish. When I am finished I'll also be certified in Curvy Yoga....which ranks pretty high on my epic-awesomeness scale.

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