Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rating quite high on the creep-o-meter

Yesterday I was unsuccessfully searching for the turtles when I came across this thing behind the bookcase.. Honestly it looked like an albino hermit crab without its shell. Thinking that there is no way that a random crustacean could have died behind my bookcase, I just figured that it might have been the world's creepiest looking dust bunny/hairball and left it there until I gathered up the courage to actually touch the thing.

So this morning I mention it to the lil bro. Thinking that I was crazy and have finally officially lost my mind he goes to investigate.

I am not crazy... There really was a dead crustacean behind the bookcase.

Apparently a mutant crawdad that the lil bro had taken home in high school had escaped in the house, we've now found it. Lil bro insists that he told me about the disappearance but I think that I would have remembered a mutant crawdad on the loose in the house.

Seriously... Who wouldn't have remembered a crustacean on the loose?

In the meantime....I'm gonna remain a little grossed out.

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