Friday, June 24, 2005

In search of lewd behavior

Following a tip from Jason I have begun looking for further evidence of peeping toms in the men's restroom. part of this has been reviewing the police reports for the campus, which are pretty funny.

This was by far the best:
2005-9143 Keep the Peace
Police were called to Orson Spencer Hall to mediate a dispute over a dime. The argument was over whether the dime had been loaned or stolen. The responding officer settled the dispute by giving the aggrieved party a dime.

The Student Services Building has a flasher and the Library gets its share of streakers.

Last March, one of the janitors (who normally are mentally disabled in some way) reported that he was sexually molested in the men's room in the building. Which is awfully sad because of his ability.
and I have found this tid-bit from 2003:
UUPD received a call from a man who was following another man whom he had seen peeking under Orson Spencer Hall restroom doors and exposing himself. Officers located the suspect on campus and detained him until the witness could identify him. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail after he was found to have several outstanding warrants.

I am going to keep looking, one because it is interesting, and two, it is only 10 am here and I have finished my work list for the week and have nothing better to do. It is strange but goofing off on the computer makes you look a lot busier than if you are reading a book at your desk.

about 10 minutes later...
ahh...nevermind, I was just on a website that had an ad for requesting a "bear" (or hairy man") for a personal home visit...perhaps I shouldn't be looking at this stuff, especially at work and also because well, I think that it is way more information that I think I want to see at the moment. But I did find that there are personal ads for anomymous sex in restrooms...which could be going a little out there on their own personal security if you ask me.

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Kerrith Black said...

I seem to recall a Tribune article on the subject of the restrooms in OSH from a few years ago. I think scouring their archives make be safer for your job security.