Monday, June 13, 2005


I went to my second appointment of physical therapy today and all I can say is that I hurt and am extremely tired...I could take a nap right now at my desk. The exercises that they have me do aren't that bad but they add up and up...enough though it was just streaches and stuff I feel like I did an hour workout...which I kind of did...with my co-pay each appointment is only $15 so 15 for an hour with a personal trainer isn't too bad, right?

Yesterday I really wanted mashed potatoes, but the kitchen was dirty and it took me something like 2 hours to clean it, granted I cleaned the Florida room while I was at it, which I didn't do last week... Mr.3 and I ate so many mashed potatoes in the process of making dinner by the time we sat down to eat we were so stuffed we could hardly was rather amusing.

We drove around looking for places to live on Saturday, we saw one place that was lovely and quite upscale...we could afford it if we lived frugally and it is super close to campus so I could walk to work everyday and maybe lose some weight (although when I talked to the therapist about this she looked really worried...maybe my knees are worse than I thought..oh well). But even after seeing the place and waiting and thinking about it, I would be all right living there, but if we didn't it wouldn't break my heart...I might pine for the apartment every once in a while...but all that really matters is if the place is clean and (most importantly!) that I am with Mr. 3.

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