Friday, July 01, 2005

Moving Weekend

So this weekend we will begin the big move from the condo to our new apartment. There is so much left to do and just sitting here at work where I can't tackle any of the stuff that needs to be done is driving me CRAZY! I will be leaving at noon today, but I am just going out of my mind with the boredom/anxiety of things and there is only an hour and 20 minutes left of my short day today.

Plus, I made a stupid call that I shouldn't was on a whim and while I was dialing it I changed my mind but they had picked up with it and I had to go on with it and I felt super stupid and I feel that I should apologize for it because I stepped out of bounds that I shouldn't have but apologizing isn't really nessacary but I don't know how else to handle my stupid guilt for making a call that I shouldn't have and I know that I am rambling but I must get this out somehow....ugh. I annoy myself way too often for my own comfort. Maybe I should just chalk it all up to being overly emotional today and leave it there.

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