Monday, July 04, 2005

Wardriving from our new place

Well after talking with the cable company we found out that we wouldn't be able to have service until I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that there would be no internet until Thursday while I was not at work. 2 doors down from us, and I mean that literally,is a coffee shop with free wireless service. Mr.3 and I used it on the first day that we moved in. Yesterday while using the grill Mr.3 noticed that the back of the coffee shop was literally 50 feet away from where we are, and lo-and-behold we can actually pick up their wireless connection from inside our new house. This is an excellent solution for the Thursday problem and hopefully will keep Mr.3 distracted enough not to pine for having cable TV as well.

As for the new place, it is wonderful. There is still a lot of unpacking to do, and I find myself constantly sweeping the floors with this endust floor sweeper thing...still our feet are black with all of the dirt that has been tracked in. I guess that is going to the case here with our hardwood floors until I can get the dust down and the carpets out.

Meanwhile,as I was writing this, Mr.3 finished his shower and began to read over my shoulder....apparently the internet access will not be enough to distract him from his need of cable...but maybe I can keep him busy with unpacking and all of that.

Later today we plan to go down to RCWilley's and buy a washer, dryer and a small freezer...everything that we want is on sale and we can get it all for around $700. Quite the deal if you ask me.

Tomorrow my Mom will be in town with Kelly and we will have our first houseguests, so that is a priority unpacking issue for today...actually I would like to have it all done today, but that will not happen, but I should get a majority of it finished.

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Kerrith Black said...

I have some friends with a Linux program on their lap top attached to a plug in GPS system and a weird antenna type thing they made from parts from Radio Shack. I believe they have pin pointed nearly every wireless network in the Salt Lake valley. you would be shocked at how many businesses have non-secure wireless networks, including banks.

$700 does sound like a steal. In my home decorating/appliance acqusition period I found R.C. Willey to be evil with the hard sell and way over priced crap. Also, the Maytag Neptune Washing machine I bought there has consistantly broken down about every nine months for the last six years since I bought it. My best experience was with Furniture Wharehouse. But I don't think they do appliances.