Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Putz Example Number 3

this one is going to be a general one, and I will not name names, as there are several and knowing my luck they will start to send posts saying that I am attacking them somehow. However this is my blog and my putz list.

3 or 4 specific members of the KBU forum are driving me up the wall. I am fine with opinionated as long as you can back it up, but I am tired of being told that I am wrong but not why. I am more than willing to explain myself in detail on a variety of issues, but their agruementation stays the same: "I'm right, you're wrong" and I honestly think that it is because I am a woman. (And for those that know me well I abhor all of that feminist shit, so you know it has to be bad) For example, someone started to compare Ataturk to Hitler. I got upset, not because they were slamming Ataturk but because they had to use the "hitler card",which does nothing for their cause. I had numerous comments on this issue and no one seemed to be understanding what I was saying. Basically (to make the agruement as short as possible) people use the Hitler card so much that it has become cliche, or in some cases an absolute joke because the comparision is so farfetched. Only ONE person finally got around to what I was saying (past the Hitler is bad thing) and made a wonderful agruement that comparing someone to Hitler should be ok if they went into further explaination as to how and why. So i took his agruement and made a synthesis of ours and said that comparing someone to Hitler is ok ONLY in the circumstance that it is the foundation of your arguement and that you explain it further, it is NOT OK if you use the Hitler card as your ONLY arguement. "Ataturk is like Hitler!".....and....what else?... But what irks me is that the guys who weren't understanding the agruement started on me about how I should have just asked the question of "why should we compare anyone to Hitler"? Which one: wasn't in any part of the exchange at all, and two was a patheic attempt to pat me on the head and dismiss my agruements because they couldn't answer them themselves.

The main problem with these particular people is that English is not their first language and they think that they are understanding things correctly and they aren't. (Don't get me into the meaning of "humble" because one of them apparently thinks that making a statement such as "well I know that I am the better person" makes him humble in some way). Plus the use of emoticons (oh how I hate them) somehow also makes their agruement stronger. The other problem is that they obviously have never had to deal with a strong woman who is smart and opinionated. Even though they want to say that they are enlightened now that they are living in the west, this is still a breed of man who believes that leaving Kurdish women uneducated in the villages is somehow preserving the culture. Of course, I have been branded as a snobbish intellectual for my views.

For this, there are many who I would like to call a.....


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