Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Putz Example Number 2

Yesterday evening I am driving to the store and talking on the phone with my Mom. Out of the corner of my eye is the bug waving at me as she drives by.
Currently she and her husband are sharing a car, and he was driving her home from work, here is the kicker, the bug was sitting in the backseat. It was like Driving Miss Daisy Junebug style. All her husband needs is a chaffeur hat (which we are considering buying and leaving somewhere in her office). She says that she just can't stand to be in the front seat with how he drives, but I think that it is something deeper. They can't stand each other, haven't slept in the same room for years, why ride in the car together under those situations....plus I think that she is using it as a way to make him feel inferior...

for this, I have the same name for them...


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