Friday, August 12, 2005

The bug's inquiry meeting...

So apparently I forgot to blog about the bug's official "we need to talk meeting" that happened last week. It was 2 hours long and it was her, the associate director of the center, the director of the center, and the administrative assistant. Unfortuately I couldn't hear to much of what was going on. I heard her cry several times and say "there is just too much going on". Big boo hoo. Anyway, I am not sure what is really happening with everything but I am glad that she has gotten into trouble, and I wouldn't mind it at all if she got into even more trouble about how much she messes things up. Anyway the run down of the meeting isn't that important but the little tidbit of information I just heard about is. The director and Mr.3 went out to lunch today and "I" told Mr.3 that the bug blamed Mr.3 with starting the conversation in the first place. Which of course prompted the question..."Are you telling me that he approached you about a scholarship which he didn't know about wanting to know why he came in second?" Yeah the lying cunt just walked into that one. I can't believe that she would lie like that! Then she also went on to say that Mr.3 is the one who will not go into her office to get things done....I have watched her stalk him down on many occasions. In fact on that morning when the whole scholarship fiasco happened she asked me where he was. She went to find him. UGH! I can't express how angry her lies have made me. I am only glad that she got caught in them. Even if they can't fire her over it, she should know that they don't trust her.

She STILL doesn't understand the DO NOT RELEASE policy. She even had to take a training quiz to be able to get people soft access and she has no clue. Basically if a student has a do not release of their records we can't even acknowledge that they even exist. How do I know that she doesn't understand the policy? Well earlier this week one of our professors wanted me to make an email list of all of his students, which was a mundane task of individually looking up every student. One of them didn't have a public record which means that they have a DO NOT RELEASE. She was in my office when I was grumbling about this, she wanted to know what was happening, so I told her. Then she procedes to tell me that I can look it up in people soft and give it to him....besides the fact that I do not have access...I can't because of the do not release...and she just didn't see why I couldn't give out the information...I'm sorry but it is federal law! So I printed out FERPA cards, which outlines the policy, and put them into everyone's boxes. But I refrained from highlighting parts on hers...oh I wanted to though.

And the other thing is....comp time. She is ruining it for the rest of us! She works from 8 to 7 on average with no lunches...Even with working all of this time she still can't finish her work or do it correctly. as the ibster said to Mr.3 "perhaps our Academic specialist is overburdened with her duties". Anyway when we were driving up to the ER we see her husband driving her ass off of campus at 8 pm. 8pm!!! Tell me honestly why anyone needs to be here that late? So I mention it to our AA, who shakes her head and says that she has asked the bug not to do that. because of her abuse of a pretty nice policy they are going to have to make offical rules for it so that now everything have to be approved by the Director. Why can't she do anything right?! She keeps pushing and pushing to see how much she can get away with and then everyone gets punished because they have to crack down. She won't resign or quit, she would only leave here if she was fired, and then she would find some way of suing over it. She has tried it in the past, why not now?

On Monday the bug and I got invited to a lunch with some students from the Turkish of them is moving...and unfortuately I had to sit next to her. She was soo loud and obnoxious that you would have thought that she would have been drinking. Mr.3 says that vodka has no smell so you never know. And there was this one moment where someone made the mistake of asking about some problem she had had with the registrar's...and her voice got more shrill than normal and she was on the verge of tears...god it was annoying. You know I think that she is the kind of person who crys on command to get her way and gain sympathy, which is the worst type of woman and gives the rest of us a bad name. But even after breaking out into tears 2 or 3 times (she crys loud) in her 2 hour meeting, she has learned to dab her eyes with a tissue as not to disturb her makeup....I think that she has way way too much practice.

The only nice thing about the bug today is that she is gone. She had a headache this morning....probably another hangover....and had a funeral to go to. She said that she might make it in, but the AA told her not to worry about it....she has enough comp time that is for sure. But knowing her and her ever present quest to look like a good employee she will try to be here. We need her, didn't you know? Yeah...that was news to me as well.

additionally, as I am finishing this up and proofreading, she walks in. All smiles in her funeral clothes. At least I have only 2 and half more hours until the end of the day...she on the other hand will probably stay till midnight...she is a devoted employee after one warms a seat better.


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