Wednesday, August 31, 2005

stress cycles?

I am beginning to wonder if stress runs in cycles. Last year around this time I was dealing with JB and stupid Kani emotional stuff and my stomach freaked out and I ended up having to go to the doctor.
This week my stomach is hurting again, and I can feel the stress rising up within me to cause it. What I wonder, is it the time of year that is stressing me out, or does it just so happen that my life crashes into these waves of stress at the same basic time of the year, every year?
It ticks me off whatever it is.

But at least I can say that my homework for the stupid busy-work class is finally finished, that a skirt I didn't think would fit me did today....and most importantly, I know beyound a doubt that I am loved, very deeply loved, and that I am also deeply in love. So I guess that I would be better off to focus on that, wouldn't I?


Stephanie said...

I sorry you're stressed. You want to get some coffee/booze?

Kerrith Black said...

Stress I can handle. Its the boredom that gets to me.

Follow Stephanie's advice and enjoy some booze. Several million Irishmen can't be wrong!