Monday, August 29, 2005

catch up? No chance....

Things have been happening so fast lately that I can't even keep up with myself.

First, classes....they all should be fun, but my research methods class is riddled with busy work that we have to do in pairs....which will be way more time consuming than it should be. I have a great partner but we are both very busy, so we will see how this all works out.

Second, Friday was a great day. I got an invitation to be part of project called Global Voices, which I accepted. I am super excited about it. And it will also be an opportunity to keep up my Turkish language skills (I just found a whole bunch of Turkish blogs this weekend). I also got contacted by the BBC to do an interview about how Kurdish bloggers view the Iraq constitution. While I was incredibly flattered, I recommended some other people to him that would be a better commentator than I, but I still think that I am the last resort option is something goes wrong with his interview.

Third, well I don't know what third would be, so I guess you will have to make something up for yourself.... Oh wait! I finally got a copy of the Dresden Dolls album. It is excellent. A cross between punk, avante garde and cabaret, that and it is great angry girl music. Favorite line so far is "this passion is a plagarism".

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