Saturday, September 10, 2005

Girlfriends points....

This was a post that I had intended to post last weekend.

So Mr.3 loves college football and wanted to get the ESPN gameplan for all of the college bowl games, so we got it. I ,on the other hand, did not know anything about football except that tounchdowns are good. So in an effort of trying to be more connected to my love I learned about football, and for the past 2 weekends I have watched and cheered for many games. Today, I felt quite triumpant when I was able to accurately yell "that was offsides!" and "where is the penalty flag?!" Over the course of this week I have talked to many people about football, and all the guys look at me in awe at the fact that I bothered to learn about football. I have been told by Mr.3 that I have earned major girlfriend points (although I am not sure what the redemption scale is for them ;) ). The funny thing is that when I mention football to girls they all freak out and say that they can't stand it. Which is silly. Football isn't that bad. You need to learn to find some of the fun things in it....watching some of those linebakers knock people down like they are wibbly-wobblys is quite fun. Plus, it is an excellent time to cuddle and half-time is great for general making out. You don't have to dress nice, just lounge around the house in your PJs. All that really matters is that by taking the extra time to learn about something new (and you might find that you like it) and you end up connecting deeper with your man.

Last Monday was the opening of Florida State's football (Mr.3 is a huge fan) and I spent most of the day cleaning to get ready for our guests (we had ribs and chicken wings and a bunch of other stuff). Anyway, we had bought a 'best of the 80's CD' the other day at Costco and I had yet to listen to it. Unfortuately, the music sent me back in time to a 80's film cleaning montage. The worst was mopping the floor and listening to "Walking on Sunshine", "Dancing with Myself" and "We got the beat", suddenly I felt like all I needed was to start a carwash for charity and have some zany goofy character get hit in the face with a sponge. Yeah, it was that kind of a weekend....I only wish that I could say that the following week could have been the same.


Kerrith Black said...

In my experience when you try to convince non-football fans to come you have to sell the food, drinks and party aspect and then mention there will also be a football theme.

I am lucky though. I know more women into watching sports than I do men. During the last World Cup things were crazy. The games were at 1:00 and 3:00 AM For about two weeks we were all surviving off of a series or 2 hour naps.

Also, it is about 50/50 women to men ratio on fans of sci-fi and horror. Depending on who you talk to I either hang out with really strange women or really cool women.

Stephanie said...

I am very content with not knowing lots about football. And i'm very happy that Mr NA HATES football :) But hockey is okay by me. I love a good sci-fi film as well. (horror is gives me bad dreams)

Rob said...

Who is Mr. 3?