Tuesday, September 13, 2005

MRI round 2

So no matter how many times I told the people that I needed to be fully sedated for the MRI they didn't listen to me.
When we got to the hospital last night their idea of "sedation" was to give me 2 valium. Even though I told them that Valium doesn't work for me and never has. But no...apparently I don't know anything about my body...and golly gee, who was right in this situation? Yep, that's right...me. Guess who still freaked out in the tube? Yep, that's right....me. Luckily the Radiologist on duty was incredibly sympathetic and was upset with her people when she saw in my file that I was in fact to be sedated....as in completely knocked out for the test. So now, I have another appointment for Friday morning....having to miss yet more work....but hopefully this time they will get it right and sedate me like they are supposed to.

Surprisingly to the hospital staff, even with 2 Valium in my system (which was supposed to make me really sleepy) I still managed to be quite livid. Idiots.

Watch it, with my luck this week, the jury duty call will be on Friday....ugh...I have to wait until 5 pm to call and find out about tomorrow....this annoys me as well.

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