Monday, October 31, 2005

The Spooky House and Sugar

This weekend, we (that being Mr.3 and I) went down to Price to see my brother's haunted house. It was nice to be back at the house, but I forgot how uncomfortable the spare bed really is....however it is infinitely nicer than the pull-out couch that manages to stick a pole in your back no matter how or where you lay or the percariously top bunk in my brother's room...but needless to say I am much more tired than I should be.

We were originally intending to drive down on Saturday night, but we went on Friday instead (which happened to be Mr.3 and I's 11-month anniversary-yes I know that it is silly). We brought some Chili to my Dad at work and then went over to the Haunted House to go help my Mom collect tickets. Mr.3 watched the desk as my Mom and I went in. Jimmy did all of the artistic designs of the place, and the chorgraphy and directing of the other actors. For being teenagers with a couple of weeks to put it together and so on, they did a fabulous job. Yes, I did get scared, and yes (something which Jimmy and all of his friends won't let me live down) I ran when confronted with the chainsaw guy.

Saturday afternoon my mom, Mr.3 and I went down to help set up a little bit. Jimmy gave Mr.3 the detailed walk through, which was hilarious as Jimmy was bouncing off the walls to begin with and then with him going "this is the polka dot room, there is someone that will be here doing this, and then someone will right here and step out at you just when you least expect them to..." it was one of those things where you either needed to be there or in another medium where I can act some of it out. Then later in the evening Mr.3 and I took my parents out for dinner at the JB's, which unfortuately one of the swanky-ist places in town, then we watched a movie. It was like a double-date and my parents seemed to enjoy it very much.

Yesterday morning we made a full breakfast, much to the surprise of my mom. Other than that, I did basically nothing, although I had/have a ton of homework to do. The drive back nearly killed me as I was so tired I could hardly stay awake and the same goes for today. I have been trying to stay awake at work, but there is a limit to productivity under my current extreme conditions....and caffine and sugar aren't working! My mom was ever so nice to supply us with a bag of some of the candy that they will be giving out, but man, you would think that the huge amount of sugar and caffine would make me awake or jittery but sadly, neither...I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

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