Saturday, November 26, 2005

Angry Email...

I received this email from some random person who throughly ticked me off. I am only going to post the text of the emails and I am going to edit the girl's name (just to be nice). Also I have inserted commentary...

Sent: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 02:09:17 +0000
Subject: Turkish delight

Hi, my name is KF, I am female, 17 and I am from the UK. I am a huge Tarkan fan and of all things Turkish :) (Isn't that just sickeningly perky?)

You sound like a nice person, but I am confused as to why a Kurdish person would have a blog with "Turkish Delight" on it? I have met a few Kurds in London, and they keep telling me how one day they are going to take Turkey over. Threy are nice people, but a little strange. (How many times do I need to tell people that I am not Kurdish?!)

I have also emailed Ali Yildirim, the owner of my favourite site Tarkan DeLuxe, to let him know that you think he is a 'weird guy with a Tarkan fetish". I don't think you read his site properly, else you are coming to a way off-beat conclusion. He really just helps Tarkan fans by answering questions, and as far as I know I think he has got a girlfriend (well that is what this girl on my msn boasts). (My opinion on this subject still stands, although I will admit that his site has gotten better since I last looked at-when the comment was originally made.)

There are many top quality Turkish blogs about, I don't think you have really searched. (Oh no, she didn't!) But I also explained this to Ali and I am sure he will put a post up on his own blog, which has a large readership(really? Prove it!), giving you a nice long list of everything Turkish in the blogsphere. I am interested now, too.
See you.

Ok so I am not sure how I can express my annoyance at receiving this, especially all the stuff about being "being Kurdish" but having Turkish Delight as a site name. I have gotten this a bunch of times and replying/explaining things wears on my nerves. This was my reply:

Subject: Re: Turkish delight
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 23:35:17 -0500

Thank you for email, I guess. I am neither Kurdish nor Turkish, but American with no family connections to anywhere but the US. The history of my connection to Turkey, the Turks and the Kurds, can all be found in the archives of my blog.
As to my comment about Ali's blog, I believe that that was an extraordinaryily long time ago and do not see why you think that it has any relevance. I am glad that you enjoy his website, I personally have not visited his website since my comments and see no need to. Also I do not see your sending of my comment on his blog, made a LONG time ago, serves any purpose other than to ingratiate yourself with Ali, and to create some sort of "drama" that is frankly not worth any of our time.
I am very well aware that there are a number of top quality Turkish blogs out there, and if you had read my blog recently you would know that I actually write an article every week for a group called Global Voices, which gives an overview of what is happening in the Turkish blogosphere. In fact I resent the comment that you made about that.
Again, thank you for your interest,

Yes, I was curt but I could have been much much worse....but no, she isn't finished!

Sent: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 09:07:18 +0000

Subject: Re: Turkish delight

Dear Delal,

Thank you for such a speedy reply, but I am sure you now know what it feels like I guess when someone misjudges YOU (Misjudges or is just making stupid assumptions?). I don't think it was wrong of me to tell Ali the (in my opinion) unfair and frankly rude comments you made about a guy that didn't deserve it. A fair reading of his blog would show that. He has a right to know that you called him a weird guy with a Tarkan fetish. How he responds to it is up to him, I guess.

I still wonder why you have the blog name Turkish delight - is it like I've seen some Armenians do where they take popular Turkish word searches so that they can pull the surfer into websites that do nothing but denigrate Turkey? As your blog has nothing really to do with Turkey or the Turkish people, but Kurds. (Ok, so now she is comparing me to mythically underhanded Armenians as well as you think that there is any other pseudo slur she can try to throw at me?)

Thank you but I do not feel the need to return to your site to wade through archives...once was enough, (please note, she said once....she has only read one post and she is bitching and calling me names?)HOWEVER though I would suggest that you return to Ali's...I am surprised that you write for Global Voices. Someone who can make such silly biased comments about people they don't know I thought would lack any such ability.

Did you know Ali writes for Global voices, (Absolute LIE!!!, She doesn't even know what the site is) too and for Quantara and the like?

I am so glad you found some good Turkish blogs. I did a little search myself and found an amazing one about the Ottoman Empire. (So I think that she has found a total of 2, count them 2 Turkish, I am impressed.)


So my WhatTheFuck? meter went off the scale with this one. This Ali guy doesn't write for GV, she is completely making this up, I checked. Furthermore, I don't see why she has appointed herself the judge and jury about what I say about anyone, especially if she can't even back up what she says. Yes, she is young, but that is no excuse. Here is my reply:

Subject: Re: Turkish delight
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 22:01:22 -0500

What I see is an ignorant little girl who seems to have deemed herself the morality police. Furthermore, you are a liar, as your dear Ali doesn't write for Global Voices, you are just trying to make some seemingly intelligent comment about something that you clearly have no clue about.
The name of my PERSONAL blog has no relevence, I started in while living in Turkey, something I doubt that you can say for yourself. From your comments made to me and about people that I have written about in the past you have proven yourself to be quite the bigot. So before you start calling other people names I suggest that you take a hard look at yourself.
Now I must commend you for being intelligent enough to manage a blog keyword search but I recommend that you just stick to your wet and mushy Tarkan fantasies before you attempt to make any comments to complete strangers as it only serves to show what an petty imbecile you in fact are.
Please do not email me again as the time it takes to read and reply to you is a bit of my life that I have now wasted.

So far she hasn't responded back and I hope that she doesn't. I honestly can't see what possessed her to write to me in the first place except that it is obvious that she has a thing for this Ali guy. The last thing I need is some whiny teenager complaining about a slightly negative comment I made that she found on some random websearch. And I am angry that she made me angry and dragged me into this little "drama" of hers.

So dear readers, do you think that I was overreactive and a complete bitch or were my comments deserved and probably should have been harsher? I advidly await your comments.


Erin said...

That was extremely fun to read! =) I do not think you were too harsh, not at all. You were direct and straight to the point. Fantastically done, you could have just said shut the fuck up and sit down! But I do not think she would have gotten the point.

hiwa said...

Delal, I am about to develop a theory of when should someone respond to someone else!
given the theory is not complete yet as you say you have wasted abit of your life (I have by now as well!) so no worries :) smile!

Rob said...

Wait, you're Kurdish?

Delal said...

Of course not! However, I have been adopted as a honorary Kurd, but I have never claimed to be Kurdish, people just make that assumption.

Vladimir said...

Thou are American right?

Anonymous said...

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