Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Apathy

So I have been bumming around on the computer for a while now with no idea what I should blog about. Thanksgiving went well and I took a couple of pictures of things but I have no desire to even post them.

Jason (the one with the snoring video) came down and while I don't think that he intended to stay the whole weekend he has. Tomorrow we are going to leave around noon and Jason will follow us back...he is doing this for a couple of reasons one, because he is unfamiliar with the road and it snowed and two, to make sure that our car makes it. When we came to my parent's house on Wednesday afternoon I hit the driveway (which is rather steep) probably a little too fast. A horrible crunch sound came from the front of my car and I was leaking coolant from the engine at the rate of probably a pint every few minutes. So we take my car down to the local dealer who determines that the water pump needs to be replaced to the tune of $750 originally. Mr. 3 beat them down to $650 with paying half down now and the rest later...this seriously threatens precious saved funds for Christmas shopping....well not exactly threatens....kills all the spare funds left. It looks like another year with practially nothing to get Christmas gifts with. I feel so stupid that it happened because the result was the taking of our savings but I guess that there is nothing to be done about it. Oh, and the strap on my $90 leather purse broke as well, adding to my dismay.

In other news, we bought a Christmas tree for the house, and I am taking my childhood christmas ornaments back with me to put on it. This came as an unexpectedly emotional rite of passage for me...but I will just add it to all of the things that I have ended up crying about this weekend.

I received the most obnoxious email from this girl who was upset with me over a comment I made about someone else's blog ages ago. She really upset me and I was really rude to her in return. I am tempted to post the entire email dialouge up and then you, my few and faithful readers, can decide if I am a complete and total bitch.

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