Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another Day spent Panda Watching

Day Two of the marathon PandaCam watching at work. Kate is addicted as well. Mr. 3 says that you can hear us squeal every few minutes going "did you see him scratch?" "Oh looks he's dreaming!"....yeah, I know that we are silly.

Things were fairly quiet today. I spent most of it trying to finish school stuff that I needed to do. So far I have managed to finish everything but the stuff I need to finish for our project in Research Methods...I meet Bianca at the coffee shop in 40 minutes and I won't nearly have enough done. Writing my Kurdish article for Global Voices nearly killed me today...it is mammoth! And I still haven't covered everything that I could.

Good news however, Global Voices won the Best of Blogs Award from Deutsch Welle, hooray!!! I am glad that I was able to be a part of it. One of the judges wrote a really cool comment that for lack of a better way, I am just going to paste here.

From Lisa Stone:
"In my opinion, Global Voices is the most important blog in the English speaking world, bar none. This site is more than an up-to-the-minute guide and encyclopedia of the international blogosphere. Global Voices Online is a mega-blog the covers free speech by a global citizenry–and covers it well. It’s so important at a time when so many international voices are denied free speech by their governments and, in the United States, a very few, English-speaking, first-world media conglomerates dominate and determine the ownership, distribution and content of news."

And saving my ass yet again...Bianca just called and said that she isn't ready to meet either. At least we are productive and lazy at the same times....a sign of a good partner!

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Rob said...

The most important blog in the English speaking world is actually www.thecentralnode.com/rob.