Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pussycat, KBU, and the Panda Cam

So Libby took me to this play being put on by the Theater Department called "Pussycat", it was about the rave/club/drug scene. It was damn good! And surprising because it was written by a student. I can't exactly recommend that you go and see it because it was the last showing, but keep looking out for a playwright named Troy Deustch, he will go far....oh so much talent...I am throughly jealous.

The last few weeks on KBU, there has been infighting...nothing new it seems to happen quite often. However, in the most recent posting on KBU, it was insinuated that not only was I leaving the blog but that I have been the cause for the infighting. Quotes taken from my Global Voices article were taken out of context and twisted to make it look like I was the one promoting the fighting. Now I understand that English is not the first language of the person who sent the post, but COME ON!!! I have always been supportive of the blog...and in all of my emails sent between the leadership of the blog I have ALWAYS been clear in my support. This annoys me to no end. Do they want me to leave the blog?! Have I committed some sort of offense that no one is going to take me to task for?! UGH!

Ok, now on to better and much cuter things....I finally broke down and looked at the baby panda cam from Animal Planet. Oh, he is just so darn cute! If you would like to get equally addicted to the little bundle of furry cuteness, click here.

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Rob said...

I hate that damn panda.