Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Battle of Dishes Bank

The inital fighting was fierce, the enemy overwhelming me with its might and numbers. At times it seemed that the battle might be lost entirely when dirty water threatened to spill over the sink sides, speading to the surrounding counter areas.

The battlefield after the first round.

After giving the ranks time to regroup the battle began again. This time we were able to round up the enemy and back them into the sink corner. The war seemed almost won until disaster stuck....a full dishtray....

The Dish battlefield after round 2...notice how the enemy troops lines have broken.

The last stage of the battle went smoothly and no resistance was met from the enemy ranks.

The enemy vanquished!

While the battle was fought well on both sides today, we must remember that this is not the end of the war, the Miliant Dish Jihadist Movement is not a group that will be easily destroyed, in fact I predict many many more battles with this terrorist foe to come.

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Dimari said...

Looking good; congrats on winning today's battle. Now for another day... :)