Friday, November 18, 2005

Yesterday's Lesson...

...Was that I would really love to just be able to stay at home and write. Granted I would go stir-crazy after a while...and I don't think that my homemaking skills would improve any great deal. But I had a lot of fun yesterday and it was incredibly productive in terms of creative ideas that I was coming up with...although the dishes saga probably wasn't that exciting it was part of a greater creative cycle than what was not shown on the blog.

Today I am literally the only person working in the office. Linda, "I" and the bug are in route to MESA, Kate took the day off (much deserved!), Rebecca quit (Tuesday was her last day) and Carolyn left early. Not that I seem to have much guilt anymore about working at work, there is no one here to see if I am in fact working for the center today or not....not that they would really care in the long run. I have been counting the phone calls answered is three o'clock and I have only had 9 calls: One from the bug, two from a professor-same one-, one from the International Center wanting to know if anyone was around to talk to a visitor from Qatar today, one from FedEx welcoming us to the new online ordering program, one from Kate checking in, one from someone wanting to talk to Kate, and lastly 2 from the pizza delivery guy. Exciting day isn't it? Now I am actually working on homework that I had intended to work on yesterday, either way I will catch up on something.
Till my next boredom cycle....toodlily pipsky!

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nikita said...


it sounds very interesting that someone living in utah studies turkish language. generally, the opposite one has been the case for decades. ;)

i hope, you like and enjoy turkish.