Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Definitely written in the heat of the moment

Today was the first day with Kate gone, and it sucked big time.
Not only am I managing my own job, but dear Kate's and Rebecca's....and also Carolyn's---who broke her ankle this morning on the ice on campus here. As a habitual klutz this type of thing worries me as a general rule...oh but to break your ankle in 3 separate bones, plus she has to go in for surgury tomorrow morning....while I was incredibly paniked by the Workman's Comp form that I had to fill out for her, at least I am not in her shoes, or rather, shoe and a full cast.

But perhaps the worst part of all of this is Bug-Sitting. Now I am trying as hard as I can to get everything done, and I think that I am making a fairly decent job of it, but having to tell her how to do ROUNTINE items like coordinating with faculty over directed readings authorizations---hello! the May Accord---it isn't like we go over this constantly!--- takes up more of time that I don't already have.

but seriously, she has been confirming every thing that she has done today with me....and honestly there is a lot there that I don't need/have to know. Case in point....she called in late today....nothing new, happens all the time. So I mention to her that she should just standardize her hours to 9-6, instead of the 8-5, since that is closer to the actual hours that she she wouldn't have to call in late to me everyday. At which point she went into this HUGE explanation of what she does when she stays late and why she doesn't claim the work that she does as comp time (in addition to her lamenting that she wouldn't know who to talk to about setting something like that up--hummm let's see...YOUR BOSS MAYBE!)...see, she has already lied to me about her collection of comp time hours and I don't need to listen to her lie again to me but with more detail. The thing is that I don't fucking care! If she would just quietly and competently do her job than I would be fine with things....but when I am constantly babysitting her it drives me nuts...and she pulls this shit every single time that it is just me in the office. I am not her supervisor yet she acts like I am half the time, just do your job and get out of my space!
then she just wants to sit and talk...fine, I will listen for what I can....but to have her hover over me worried that I can't find the address of the University Hospital doesn't help. The last thing I need today is her telling me what I should be doing (and hoping that I can get it done in time) after I have already told her what I am doing....and of course the last thing that I need was of course all that I have gotten from her today. I sort of feel like I am working with crazy say something and then she repeats it back to you as if it is her idea. I am not sure if this is a product of the bug being the bug, or if she is thinking that by telling me what I am doing (in a half-assed command sort of way) that she is somehow in charge of me? And of course, we all know my opinions on that.

Because of the workman's comp form that has to be filled out within 24 hours of the incident I was going to be late to class....not that she noticed...but earlier in the day she kept asking me when I was going to class. Luckily, our class sub didn't show up and my partner declared herself to be in charge of taking roll in the class so I got to add my name to the roster.

I still haven't finished my article for Global Voices....and I so need to finish that now.

And I found out that my L2 teacher accepted my volunteering to present in class tomorrow. It is an optional thing, but I volunteered because I really want the activity to get some feedback and I am anxious to up the anty on the participation points. Of course, I am regretting that decision now, as I have a lot of work to do but no time for it. The activity should be cool. We are supposed to present a socio-lingual activity that discusses variation in language. So what I am going to do is present some of the differences between Istanbul Turkish and Diyarbakir Turkish and how certain items that would be categorized as a mis-use of grammar is really inference from the Kurdish Language into the Turkish. The same type of grammar mistakes (if you go by the perscriptive rules of grammar) are very common in learners of Turkish who speak English as their native language and speakers of Turkish who speak Kurdish as their native language. God, I hope it works well.

Also....I have fan-flipping-tastic news to share with all....but you will have to wait (if you don't already know) until the next post.

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