Friday, December 02, 2005

My Annoucement.

I was going to give vivid detail about everything that happened but I keep rethinking that decision. is the news....

Mr.3 and I are officially engaged!

Of courses we have been referring to each other as such for a while and I admit to guiltily looking at wedding guides before the fact. But now that the question has officially been asked I can now refer to my love as my fiance and my soon-to-be husband.

The process of telling people has been relatively slow...partly because I want to keep this exquisite happiness to myself. After all, I said yes because I want Mr.3 all to myself. Is this truly selfish of me?

Then of course this brings me to the whole idea of weddings in general. I have known plenty of girls who have huge elaborate plans made even before they have met their groom. I never have. I know that I like daisies, but that is pretty much all. The logistics of planning a wedding send me into a tailspin. My wedding day should be for me and Mr.3 alone, the idea of spending a huge amount of money now for one day seems riduculous to me, because how much of that day is really for me? Especially if I have to plan and pay for it all. Mr.3 feels this way as well. So we have decided to have a private ceremony, a justice of the peace thing, and then at a later date (when fundage arises) we can have a reception and all of that jazz if we want.

But right now, that is the last thing that I want. I want to be quietly married and then I just want to be alone with Mr.3. I want it to be a soft sweet slide into being married, a surrender to peace...I want it to be just like the morning after Mr.3 proposed where I woke up in his arms and saw him smiling as he watched me sleep, wrapped in that warmth knowing that I am loved completely.


Stephanie said...

I will never forget my wedding. it was small and easy and nice. it was in total about $3500 and was EXTREMELY layed back. I think everyone there had a good time and noone got too hurt. I loved the justice of the peace that did our ceremony and the building it was in. That money was worth it and i don't regret doing it that way. It was 100% worth it. - you would know you were there - But i just asked ryan if he liked it and he said he didn't care if it was either way and the wedding is for the women (that's why they ask to get married in the first place, it's all for the chicks) He did like being REALLY drunk and it was nice to have close friends and family around.
I have a lot of time on my hands if you want help or going to try on dresses (just for fun) or just shooting the shit about this big day.
again congratulations

Rob said...

3500 USD seems a lot of money to me.

Vladimir said...

Congratulations! Have a nice wedding.

fethiye said...