Monday, November 07, 2005

tiny little tea glasses

so I have started to blog multiple times this weekend, but I keep getting distracted.

Stupidly I looked at the pay sheet today and found out (damn my curiosity!) that I am in fact the lowest paid person in my office...even the people who work 30 hours a week take home more than I do. I am not sure how I really feel about this in general. Everyone tells me that the office doesn't run when I am there, you are such a good worker, how they wouldn't have managed without me....yada yada yada and so on and so forth. I guess this explains the continual verbal praises from my superiors, which I appreciate, but now it is obvious that they do that because they know that I would leave if I really knew the whole situation. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and my office but why should people that I continually have to pick up after get paid more than me? If I do more work, higher quality work, frickin' reliable and timely work, why shouldn't I get paid more? Mr.3 says that I should stand up for myself and demand more money...unfortuately I already know that it wouldn't work because of the tight constraints but on the Center by the grant already. I guess that I am just finding more and more reason to not feel guilty for goofing off at work or doing homework on the clock.

Speaking of the grant Friday was an absolute bear! The big three got together and were working on the grant, and so I was being asked to do task after task, each with the proviso that it was to be done "when I had time", but would be asked five minutes later why it wasn't ready for them. It was just a lot of stuff to do and as I am running around trying to make everyone happy, the bug would continually ask me what I am doing and if she can see the graphs that I made from the info she gave the committee last week. Then of course she would muse and ask me if I thought that the big three would like a certain bit of information that she would be able to get for them. The answer of course would be "yes", but as she was on her way to triumphantly tell them what she was capable of doing, I notified her that if she told them that she could get the info they would want it today. That stopped her in her tracks, not because she shouldn't already have the information somewhere in her files if she actually did the work that she was supposed to do, but it stopped her because, as she said, "oh, that would probably take me two weeks to get all of that." Oh pla-lease! The academic advisor should have the information on the number of new undergraduates at her fingertips! But then again, to update 3 rather small tables it took her a week, staying until 8 pm at least each night (no, no, she isn't trying to avoid her husband),with trying to get an extension on her deadline...whereas I had to get all of the enrollment numbers from 1999 onwards in 800 different permentations in less time than that! Thank god I have actually been keeping up on my reports. I so have just wanted to smack her this week. Fortuately she was sick today and a calm decended upon the office....ah, too bad it will end tomorrow.

To add to my frustation the College decided that it wasn't going to wait for departments to finish updating the websites to the new system as they promised before, but that they were just going to turn the old sites off and the new sites on. So in order to "please the donors" and make them believe that they really finished the work that they were paid to do, they basically screwed everyone over. I wasn't even able to upload documents until last week...but it doesn't matter does it? After all I am just the lowest person in the office and as shit falls downhill I am once again covered in the smelly stuff.

So now, I am playing around on my computer at home as I am trying to avoid the phonetics reading that I have left to do before class tomorrow. I did some of my reading, really I did. But gulping down tiny tea glass one after another seems to be a much more productive and calming application of my free time.

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