Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More website complaints

I looked at the new site today for the Center and I don't think that I can fully express into words how pissed off I am. You can definitely tell that they used us for their donors...and why not we make money for the university don't we?, we raise it in prestige don't we?....putzes. They made formating changes to the work that I had done and added in pictures in various places to make it look more "middle Eastern" and the photos are not what should be there. Because if I have learned one thing working here, everything is political in this office, even seemingly innocent pictures! Who cares for ingretity anymore!?! No, let's just hijack someone's site that they put a lot of hard work into, change everything, and pretend that they have really let the webmasters control things like they said. At first it was that they were taking away all responsibility for the website, then they gave it back, then they took over again to manipulate everything for their own purposes, and then give back control just in time to let someone else take the fall for their incompetence!

I am so furious! And I want to know why Languages and Literature still have their old site up---I'm sorry but if I am inconvienced everyone should be inconvienced!

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