Monday, December 26, 2005

Lacking Patience

I had an ephipany moment over a sewing machine this morning. For Christmas I got a sewing machine, which means that I can continue trying to be a domestic goddess...but it dawned on me that they reason why I am not one now is that I have no patience with myself. Sure I have patience for other people and other situations, but if it is something that I completely control and can't finish in one sitting, then forget it, no patience. This is why I have a hundred different craft projects started but never finished. This is why I procrastinate school projects...If I can finish it all at one time then I won't do it. This is way I can never get the dishes caught up...I fill up the dish rack once and let it dry and forget to come back.

So my goal (not a resolution-those never work and have time limits) is to learn to have patience with myself, and start little projects that I will finish (not just hope to)...I plan on reaching this goal sometime before I die. Wish me luck.

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Dimari said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!