Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Almost like being at work...

So "I" wanted me to make sure that I put up a picture for him on the website I made for him. However, with the recent switch over from the old website to the new College mandated one, I haven't made a new one for him. Today I decided to create a blog for him, it has the same information as the previous site, but I think that it just looks sharper...I hope that he thinks so as well. The neat thing was that I was working all day legitmately on a blog.

And, the bug was not at work today---she took the day off!!!---thank goodness! I got so much done today, and making sure that the professors finally got all of their grades in wasn't nearly as stressing at it normally is. In fact Mr.3 said that my shoulders had no knots in them after work today, where normally they are rock solid. It is really sad that she apparently affects me as much as she does.

Also, Mr.3 is now sick with the same crap I am just now getting over...I don't know how many times I can apologize because what I had I would only wish on the bug.

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