Wednesday, December 14, 2005

looking for a TA-ship

I finally decided that I am going to apply for a Turkish teaching ta-ship for next fall semester. I have been toying with the idea for a while, and since I am actually trying to get a degree in teaching, actual experience would be a plus. When I mentioned this to the bug, you should have seen the look on her face. Her first response was.."you can't". Excuse me? There is nothing barring me from applying, and past office assistants have had teaching positions. Her excuse for the comment was that there was probably going to be some problem with HR or the graduate school...but there won't be because the department has the ability to ask for an exemption to policy. For some reason she seems to think that something like that can't happen, when it has in the past, because she says so. Of course she is also telling all the students not to apply for political science but history and once they get accepted they can transfer over. What, I would like to ask, is the reason for not applying to what you intend to apply for in the first place? If poli sci isn't accepting people why try to sneak them in on the side? Not everyone gets accepted and people need to understand that. But telling me that I can't do something...that takes a lot of nerve.

The new AA starts on Friday. She seems really nice, or at least she is still in shock to be possibly working in a non-hostile environment, but if she is willing to take a demotion to work here, it must really suck where she is coming from. Now I know that Kate probably filled her in on a lot of items, based on certain things that she has said to she knows what is up with the bug. The tension between the two of them is fantastic. The bug keeps trying to play up the "we are about the same age" card with her, and it isn't working. They are perfectly amiablical with each other, but you can so tell that the bug is completely threatened, I love it. Even if the new person turns out to be just awful (which I highly doubt) I could handle it if only to see the bug squirm. I don't think that they new girl is going to let her get away with stuff. Not that Kate let the bug get away with stuff as if she wasn't trying, because she did and so did "I", but the new AA I suspect will be much much more direct with her. The bug hates confrontation and I don't think that the new girl has any problem with it.

Plus you can also tell that the bug is threatened because she has been picking on Mr. 3 and (this afternoon) on me...oh but the satisfaction of that's wonderful!

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