Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Make her go away! Make her go away!

Mr.3 is ill today with the same crap that I am just getting over with, so my built in office moral support is gone.

Yesterday was wonderful as the bug wasn't here, but today she is just hovering over on this side of the office with her giant flaring nostrils and she JUST WON'T LEAVE!!! I know that I goof off a lot at work, but I am at least at my own desk and not in everyone else's office. She spent something like 2 hours chatting with the new AA today. The first hour or so was legit. Teri, the AA, was explaining to her what an interconnected office computer system would be like and how it is something she would like to institute here. The bug was ok with it until she found out that it would be possible in that system to monitor what everyone else is doing on their computer...and just at the thought of someone actually watching over her productivity or inproductivity freaked her out...she started to complain about all of the "sensitive information" that she had on her computer. It is only sensitive because she really has no idea what is on her computer and how to find it after a full year. The second hour or so was spent bitching about her husband...Teri is new and hasn't heard it all yet, but I hope that she becomes sick of it as well. Part of this bitch session was actually conducted in my office in which she complained that she had been married for 40 years but was ready to throw him off and get herself a new signficant other words "I plan on draining every last drop of a soul (and cash) that I can out of my husband and then I plan on finding a new victim to make miserable until the end of his days...muhaahaaha!"

I think part of it today might be that I noticed how relaxed I was from yesterday and now that I have acknowledged that I am supersenstive to it. I think that more and more lately I just want to leave this job. I have basically stopped working at it and I spend most of the day doing non-work related stuff and trying to hide from the bug. Maybe I just really need to take a few more days off.

In other news, Isil came by with her little boy Ozan. It was the first time that I have gotten to see him in person and boy, is he just a doll. Of course on cue somehow the bug must have sensed someone else's merriment and she came out of her office to spoil it. Ozan was hilarious, because each time she went to slather kisses all over his face (of course keep in mind that she has just told me that her daughter is getting over the flu and thinks that she might be coming down with it herself) he would make this face like he was crapping his pants. Oh the little bits of joy that I do manage to find.

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