Saturday, January 07, 2006

another short break...I guess

on Wednesday I found a new kind of illness which completely incompasitated me...not fun...I think that it was a last hurrah of the flu from the holidays.

found out that we can't use the Park Building for the ceremony, but we have been given permission to use the Hinckley instead. at first the thought of having the ceremony in OSH didn't appeal to me but it does have a carmic effect to it: Mr.3 and I met in OSH, we practically live their because of school and work anyway, and he proposed to me in OSH...we might as well complete the circle and get married there. Plus the Hinckley will let us use the room for free, I don't have to worry about paying for a security guard or chair set-up, and dear Jayne said that she would film the ceremony onto a DVR for's great! and it gets to keep the small wedding feeling that I want and people get to see my dress.

I will definitely be wearing flats for the wedding as I think that I broke my toe. I was shaving my legs, and when I do that I stand in the shower and put my foot up on the wall. Well I had just finshed one leg and as I was putting the other foot up on the wall I manged to kick two of my middle toes up into the spigit. yeah, I know talent. I broke my foot doing the conga up the stairs it seems fitting to break my toe shaving my legs.

in other news, saw King Kong today, loved it and cried a bit. go see it if you haven't.

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erkan said...

I wish you good health Delal! I have very recently discovered your blog and i could not read much about your illnesses but let me send my wish at least!
Come back quickly:)