Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A short break

The past 2 days has been a short break from blogging, although it was an attempt to have a short break from everything, that doesn't feel like it is working. Besides the fact that I dreamt last night that a man came into the Middle East Center with a shotgun looking for the bug and that I talked him out of killing us all....I woke up not really wanting to go to work. Dreading it in fact. I don't normally feel this way about my job. Mr.3 said that it was a sign that I am a grownup, but call me crazy...what is the point of making yourself miserable doing something that consumes 70% of your waking time?

Went to my follow-up with Dr. Warner today. The spinal pressure in my head is down way low and my eyesight is unaffected, which is wonderful. She did mention however that I am showing diabetic precursors and that I appear to be insulin resistant. So next week I will be seeing an endochronologist about that. Apparently there is a lot of research going into insulin resistant people not being able to lose weight, and with treatment for the resistance they have been able to lose weight. One thing that was scary was she said that if I was to become pregnant I would have gestational diabetes...I really want kids in the future (in fact my number one fear is actually not being able to have children-yes I know it's weird) so this is really affecting me. My mom has always said wait 3 years after being married to have children, and now I am at the point of realizing that within the next 3 years or so I will have a child, so this is something that I really need to work on.

I have less than 3 years to lose half of my body weight.

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