Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I get married in one month

cool, isn't it? I have so much left to do. I received an email from Dione whose wedding plans are no longer in her hands anymore, yet she is expected to pay for it all. Instead of May 2007, she is now getting married in December 2006...and she sounds a little petrified. I am glad that I don't have months to plan this thing, I would go crazy-more than what I am now, at least my mania is kept at a low point.

Went to the endocronologist yesterday and had a meeting with the Linguistics advisor. The endocronologist was well...interesting... I only made the appointment because Dr. Warner said that I should be treated for insulin resistance and the best way to do that was to be started on a certain medication. We made the appointment, but were unable to get into the Dr. she had been working with, we were able to meet with his "understudy" as it were. She completely disagreed with their research, thought that there was no merit to it (pretty harsh decision coming from someone who was just board certified) and refused to fill out a prescription for me, but proceeded to lecture me for 20 minutes as if I had no idea that I was fat. She wouldn't believe anything that Mr.3 or I said...in her mind, I was fat because I ate too much and that was that. After the lecture, and me being close to tears, she cheerfully asked what I wanted to do. When I told her that the only reason I made the appointment was to discuss the medication option and not to be lectured to she went to go and talk to the doctor that I was supposed to see anyway. They talked in the hallway for a few minutes and then she stomped back into the room to write the perscription. Dr. Knodel (who is the one working with Dr. Warner) came in to talk to us about it, and was excited that I was willing to persue this line of treatment. As Mr. 3 put it, "little doctor girl got spanked". Regardless, the incident was enough to shatter my self-esteem for the rest of the day.

Next up, went to talk to the Linguistics advisor yesterday. It went well, I should be done with my program in Spring of 2007...and it is recommended that I write a thesis but is not required to graduate. I think that I am going to start research this summer and try to get as much of it written as I can beforehand. Oh, dear. As I was writing this the bug came to visit wanting to know what she has to do with my old file to drop me. I better figure this out before she somehow gets me dropped from the school all together.


erkan said...

Congratulations Delal. I wish you best with your marriage and your health problems!

metin said...

Congrats are in order. Are we all invited to an online wedding ceremony?