Friday, January 13, 2006

Sick and Tired

I have now missed 2 weeks of the Kurdish updates on Global Voices...something that I used to live for. I think that partly I feel a little jaded with the Kurdish stuff at the moment. On KBU we keep sending emails back and forth saying how we all want the site to continue but no one really does anything. Before the new year I was trying to post everyday so that we wouldn't lose our readership, but it shouldn't be the "Delal" show over there...that is why I have this blog. It's frustrating, but I really need to get back to it.

I have been on my first week of medicine. Sugar now makes me physically ill and I can feel my body feeding off of itself---I am pizza the hut!---Mr.3 keeps making me eat. Which really isn't that bad, but if I could have my way at all right now, I wouldn't be eating at all. Let's hope that this works.

Tabula Rasa is going to catch some hell today. My invitations were supposed to be in yesterday and when they called they said that there was a problem on the shipper's end and that they should be in today. But they haven't called me yet to tell me that they are in and well....I need to get them out in the!

I got a new computer at work today, it is an updated MAC, really nice...the keyboard is so wonderful and springy! Randy's boss in the College paid for it, but I really don't think that a new computer will solve the basic code problem in the new Humanities system. wow, I really love this keyboard, and the speakers are much louder...I am so easily amused.


Murat Altinbasak said...

KBU had become one of the blogs I liked to spy everyday. Tell your Kurdish friends to get on the stick! I may be just one, but this Turk is interested in how Kurds feel and what they have to say! Isn't that one of your objectives? To be heard? I salute you for stating a position, sticking to your guns, and not folding under criticism.

Vladimir said...

This is because some people don't stick to promises. I don't have a problem to make a summary of the Kurdish blogs on Wednesday when I have more time.

Vladimir said...

Maybe we can make an agreement to post 1 summary of Kurdish blogs once a week or a post for KBU.

Delal said...

the problem is that we shouldn't have to work out agreements about how posts when, it should be a situation where we have people fighting to post on KBU. We have a huge list of contributors and only a fraction of them active.

vladimir said...

It sounds nice Delal.. but they won't. The number of Kurdish bloggers decreased sadly. Sometimes someone pops up, but no one seem to continue blogging. Except Rasti.