Friday, February 03, 2006

Day 6 of being single

I figured that I might as well continue with the countdown regardless of the silly factor.

Last night I didn't get anything finished with the free time that I had, I just kind of sat around and watched TV. I am really unfamiliar with our remote. I did mend the towels. I thought that it was all four of them that needed it but in reality it was only one. Amazing how one shabby towel can make all the rest of them look bad.

We got our first family wedding gift which was surprisingly generous gift for anyone, but to come from my extended family is flabbergasting. We really appreciate it though.

My tax return was posted to my account this morning which was going to pay for all of the wedding stuff---purchasing will now commence in high gear this weekend. Tonight I have my alteration fitting for the wedding dress and an extra fee for the alterations because they forgot to charge me for stuff the first time...damn them. But Libby and I are going to have a light dinner beforehand...not that I will be able to keep anything in my system at the moment. The metformin is kicking my ass and nothing has stayed in my system for more that an hour.

Other than that, it's 10am and I am really to go home. I have class in a half hour in which I hope that I will be able to stay awake for, but I am not sure. This medication makes me soo tired.

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