Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I missed Day 5,4,and 3--Day 2 of Being Single

We had a SuperBowl party this weekend which went pretty well. I cleaned like a madman and I can still feel it in my legs. I have a bunch more stuff to do tonight and I only hope that I can manage and still feel awake. Oh, so tired....

Friday night I went to my alteration appointment...keep in mind that I was already annoyed that they called and told me that they hadn't charged me for hemming the damn thing and that I owe them another 100. When I tried the dress on it was still to long and I was tripping over it. Feeling tears beginning to form I was ready to just leave but Libby made me stay and made them fix the problem. The dress should be ready tonight, so keep your fingers crossed. Apparently the dress is supposed to be so long that you can't see your feet when you walk, but then again I shouldn't have to hop/kick up the skirt when I walk so that I don't fall flat on my face...and knowing me, it would happen.

On the good news, we are getting a new dining room table. We are buying it for $50 from the Holts and they are going to deliver it for us this weekend. My Dad brought the chairs down last night, I forgot how hideous they are and item number one on my list of new projects is to reapolster and repaint them. Still it is a great deal and incredibly thoughtful.
Next on the -how-great-can-that-be-news-scale, is that I had a comp night ticket for the Homestead resort and Linda, who has been working with them for a conference we are holding there in June, got them to comp me another room...so now Mr.3 and I have free honeymoon accomodations!! With the money we have just saved we can get a couples massage at their uber-expensive spa...that is if we feel like leaving our room at all. We have been so tired lately, I think that we will probably just sleep the majority of the time...Yes, we will probably act like an old married couple on our honeymoon...although my underwear that I ordered for the event came in the mail the other day. wink-wink

The bad news (besides something that I can't mention here) is that Dr. Weiss who is going to perform the service was taken ill with an absess in his lower jaw. He thinks that he will be alright, but it is the worry that he won't be.


Stephanie said...

it's been a while since i've been up there can you give email me direction to the wedding? and how long you think i should come in advance to get where i need to go?
We will be there though.

rob said...

How fancy should I dress?

Gn3tiX said...