Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mrs. 3 checks in

Hello all!
I'm married and doing well. I am not sure what to say at the moment about the wedding (the wedding website will be forthcoming), but I am glad that all is over. No matter how much planning you do or get done ahead of time, it is a given that my mom will freak out. Not that that is a bad thing, but I tried to have everything finished so that she wouldn't need to worry about anything.

Anyway, so I am back at work...not being too productive, but having a grand time watching the following situation unfold with the bug. The bug is being forced to sell her house, I suspect but can not confirm by the IRS. As the bug is a predictable animal, at times when her personal life is going to hell she lashes out at those at work she feels most threatened by and for once, it isn't me. The poor victim in this case is our dear AA Teri, who after today would probably fire her if she could. Today the bug has been whining....her printer jammed and besides the thing being too noisy she doesn't want to change the trays out. And of course she doesn't want to use the communal printer because "she prints sensitive material about the students and who knows who would be able to see it". As Teri so aptly put it, all staff members are cleared to see the student information, we are just not allowed to talk about it. Of course, this appalled the bug who for some reason is being EXTREMELY protective of the student files at the moment....which is odd...when she is not in trouble she seems to have no problem telling anyone who will hear it about other people's private files. Either way, her freaking out over the printer is driving Teri to the end, and her irrational fears about others in the office "taking her office" or "going through her files", etc, etc. I mentioned last week to Teri that I thought that the bug drank at her desk, but that I couldn't prove it, it was just a hunch. Mr.3 said that she was plowed at our wedding ceremony -which with the location and timing of the event meant that she had to be drinking on the job- I think at the moment that Teri is willing to suspect anything and everything of the bug. Which is not good for the bug, but rather amusing for me to watch.

Lately, with Model Arab League coming up and getting back into the swing of things at work I have been trying to do less and less and of course, trying to lessen the office's dependence on me. I wasn't even gone for 3 hours on Wednesday and the world was falling apart. A few years ago I would have loved to be this indispensible but not anymore. It becomes a burden. I don't need the guilt that everything will collaspe if I am not there to haunt me on every vacation that I take. As I don't take vacations anyway, but would like to more often, getting rid of the office dependence on me is a vital goal. Plus, I do not get paid enough to be this depended upon.

Hummm....anything else that I want to discuss at this time? I don't think so. that is all the news that is fit to print then.

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metin said...

Congrats . . . and welcome back . . . do we now address you as mrs. 3?