Monday, March 20, 2006

Fantastic First Day on the Job!

Today was my first day at Outreach and it was bloody brillant! Let's see, my first task was to research jokes in the Middle East and do a write up about them for our newsletter due this week. I answered the main line but by not being in the main office anymore I didn't have to deal with the influx of traffic of people....I was able to concentrate for once at work. I was also having so much fun that I didn't even have time to do my usual goofing off on the internet. And....perhaps one of the coolest things, is that I have gone from 40 hours a week to 30! The important part of this is that I left at 3 today instead of 5 and is soooo felt like I was playing hookie from work. Mr.3 and I even went to work out and were still home by 4:30! I feel great! Tomorrow I work until only 2:30pm, and since my class starts at 3:30 this means that I can work on school stuff before class again. I haven't been able to do that since my two part time job days!

Last week blogging was scarce as it was spring break but I was also busting my butt to get stuff at one job finished before starting the next one. Now not everything is done, but what remains are all small items that I can take my time doing. We were still sifting through applications for my old job today. I figure that it will be a mircle if they can begin to interview this week, so next week for interviews..then another week for second interviews. Then I can easily see another 2 weeks before anyone can actually start....which means that the first week of this new person is going to be the end of the semester and they will have to deal with teachers not doing their grades....hopefully I can get Fall textbook information from the teachers before then. Part of me is annoyed with myself for saying that I would cover both jobs until a replacement is found, but the other (and larger part of me) is incredibly annoyed that the higher ups in my department decided that that was a fair option. It isn't like I am getting paid anymore, or getting extra hours. And the job change isn't a new thing...we knew that Carolyn gave 2 months notice, and I gave a months notice (plus an offer to help train). The situation is really frustrating but the pressure does seem to be less now that I am across the hall.

Back to the new is sooo much fun! Friday (as Carolyn left an extra day early) we moved a new bookshelf into the office so that this morning I was completely moved in and ready to start working. I have this excellent bookshelf with a wonderful collection of books on the middle east, any and all aspects of it. I could get lost in its pages. Tomorrow I have to work on researching holidays for our October workshop (yes, we work that far in advance), and I only have to cover the calls on the main line from 8-11 in the morning! I'm so excited!

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