Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why my testing teacher is lucky to be alive

During the break in testing class my teacher went up to my partner and notified him that he felt that our test project was "too simple" and that we need to do something else. Let's go through a bit of this shall we....2 weeks ago we presented the design of our project...the amount of time and blood that we put into it was immense....our presentation was polished and one of the best in the class....and because we were so polished he somehow decided that it must have been easy to do the project. UGH! My partner, was so worried when he told me, he was trying to think of new ideas, but I took on our professor after class. I think that he was surprised. I normally don't talk in class (mainly because it melts my brain- but also because the people who do talk ask the stupidest questions and suck all intelligence out of the room) so when I testily (I hate that word but it is the only one that fits) took him on using all of his logic to prove why our project was still valid and that he was making unfounded value judgements based on his ignorant notions of the amount of work he thought we put into it. Either way we won out, but we also gave him the added incentive of incorporating some of his new research ideas into our project to give him a trial shot for extra research....he liked that as well. My partner was relieved that I handled it. Mr.3 said that I have a redhead streak in me, that apparently is unpredictable....I am not sure that this is a good or bad thing.

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