Monday, March 06, 2006


the nice way to describe the way that I have been feeling today and the past few days is "touchy" the more accurate description would be "that I am so angry and depressed at the world that I am making myself physically ill". Why am I angry....well I am angry at somethings that I can't control and many things that I could fix but shouldn't have to...topically we are running the whole gambit of issues: school, money, the phone ringing, my stomach, sickness in general, work, dishes, just about anything. And I swear to God that if I have to hear about what the bug did or did not do...... and well I was going to say that if I even had to talk to her today I was going to scream....too late...because of course as I am writing this she comes in and talks about her miserable failed life that she continually claims to be the victim of. If anyone is the real victim it is the people that she complains to becuase that is valuable breathing time that I can never get back again. Has she finished the graduate letters? Probably not....but of course how can she function with all of the alcohol that floats in her bloodstream?

AAARRHGGG!!! I just want to throw or punch something!

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